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Sales Pipeline

The pipeline’s purpose is two-fold.  First, it’s the salesperson’s method of tracking progress and managing contacts.  Second it provides management with an on-going estimate of the sales potential and offers feedback for product opportunities.

By standardizing definitions for Stage, pipelines from multiple salespeople can be aggregated.  Simple definitions for Stages also help a board to understand the opportunity.

Column Headers:


Company name


Primary contact’s name and contact information.  Add secondary contacts with their roles as well.


We use percentages based on this schedule:

Deal Size

The likely first year revenue from this customer if they buy.

Last Contact

Who the salesperson contacted and a few words about that contact.

Next Step

Who should be contacted next, by whom what is expected.


Note any product requirements or commitments we’re unable to provide at this time.

Weighted Value

The Stage’s probability times the Deal Size.  Sum this value at the bottom for the total pipeline value.